The London Picture Project from London-based travel photographer Alan Copson

Nothing stays the same

Alan Copson © 2010 www.alancopsonpictures.comI’m always amazed at how the skyline of The City changes so quickly.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, on the left, is probably the oldest building in the photograph. Looking to the right, the first of the tallest buildings is the almost complete Heron Tower. To the top of its spire, it is now the tallest building in London, with its top 46th floor at 173m and the tip of the spire at 242m.

It’s going to be an exciting few years, with more tall buildings going up. The Shard over London Bridge Station is already being built and will be about 100m taller than the Heron Tower at the roof level.

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The London Picture Project from travel photographer Alan Copson. Images of London for Prints, Posters and canvas Prints.

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